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High detail vintage facade

High detail vintage facade

the sorrows 3 (4)the sorrows 42120150630_15284620150630_15285720150723_14152520150723_14150920150723_141454Bamboo inlay (640x360)Combination of birch ply with a bamboo inlay and screenprinted logo (640x360)

tree (640x360)3m high tree (360x640)



lettering mdf2 (640x360)Signage2 (640x360)Signage (640x360)Bumblebee house (640x480)Wording in mdf (640x360) Cape Town-20140311-00632 (640x480) Cape Town-20140311-00633 (640x480) Cape Town-20140314-00640 (640x480)      Kestrel_Craig_Larter-35 (640x577) Kestrel_Craig_Larter-37 (377x640)  Kestrel_Craig_Larter-39 (427x640)   Kestrel_Craig_Larter-46 (640x427) Kestrel_Craig_Larter-47 (640x427) Kestrel_Craig_Larter-48 (640x427)             Kestrel_Craig_Larter-94 (553x640) Kestrel_Craig_Larter-95 (427x640) Kestrel_Craig_Larter-96 (640x483) Kestrel_Craig_Larter-97 (640x427) Levi sample (640x480) Mdf door for babette (480x640) Oak Bumblebee house (640x480) pixelated bird (640x640) 6 seater diningroom table (640x360) 20140619_091811_Richtone(HDR) (360x640) 20140619_092446 (360x640) 20140619_093057 (640x360) 20140624_100751 (360x640) 20140703_152953_Richtone(HDR) (360x640) Cape town in a box high detail bamboo (640x360) Custom table 1 (640x360) Joined lettering sprayed mdf lettering satin white 2 (640x360) Oval Coffee table on wheels 2 (640x360)

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